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February March 2018

australia-marketplace-teamSydney Melbourne Touring Marketing and Business Development Manager, Paul Cooper attending the Australia Marketplace program in Los Angeles in late February / early March.  The trip included a number of activities in addition to the three day face to face trade meeting event.

Starting with the Australia Summit, this one day conference included speakers from Australa and North America including Tourism Australia and Qantas among others. Tourism Australia had a big contingent in market as this was the time of the Superbowl and the Dundee campaign and launch. This campaign was incredibly successful and it was awesome to be in market during the hype that was created.

After the Summit, the next event was Goway Corroboree held in Vancouver, Canada. This day and evening consisted of part agent training and a consumer evening event.  There were over 40 Goway agents who attended the training and several hundred consumers in the evening.  SMT maps were very popular and interest in self drive is always popular in the Canadian market.

Next on the agenda was a three day workshop, planning event and agent training with Visit Victoria's LA office.  All Victorian product operatos who were attending Marketplace were in attendance and thbe planning sessions discussed future mission timings and targets.  We also had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Down Under Answers and a half day training with over 40 retail travel agents on a face to face speed dating basis.

Then we went straight into the Marketplace welcome function preceeding three days of appointments with the major North American travel wholesalers and Aussie Specilaist retail travel agents.  Again the maps and USB sticks were popular and more than half the agents signed up for the SMT newsletter database.

Over 250 maps were taken along with 65 USB sticks and ten orders for the new printed product manual.  Marketplace is an annual event and in 2019 it will be held in August given a much earlier ATE held in April next year.


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