The region is known as the ‘humpback highway’ and every year, between September and November, our waters play host to thousands of humpbacks heading home to Antarctica.

Set in the magnificent Twofold Bay – the third deepest natural harbour in the southern hemisphere, Eden was home to shore-based whaling stations and Old Tom, the legendary killer whale whose story can be discovered at the Eden Killer Whale Museum.

It was the centre of operations for entrepreneur and pioneer Benjamin Boyd who built Boyd’s Tower, Boydtown and the Seahorse Inn as part of an extraordinary empire, before the vision crumbled.

And while you’re in the section of the national park named for this grand schemer, take time to see the Green Cape Light Station, marvel at the wilderness and beauty that surrounds it, hike all or part of the ‘Light to Light’ walk and muse on the area’s connection to Australia’s new saint, Mary MacKillop.

This still is a working port, so drive or walk down in the early morning and watch the boats return with the day’s catch. Chances are you will catch a glimpse of your dinner before it meets your plate!

For some natural solitude, discover Wonboyn further south, tucked between Ben Boyd National Park and Nadgee Nature Reserve where the lake empties into the stunning Disaster Bay.

Join the Humpback Highway

Each September, baleen and toothed whales migrate south for the summer. Many have calves in tow, and often spend a few days in the area, resting, feeding and playing before continuing on the Humpback Highway. Nowhere on the coast is it as easy to get up close with them, in peak season charter operators have their choice of pods to watch within minutes of leaving Eden Wharf.

Eden Killer Whale Museum

Magnificent Twofold Bay has the quiet watcher of Mount Imlay in the background. It sees the whales feeding as they migrate every year; the days when men and killer whales worked together to herd the gentle giants for the whaling industry are long gone and faithfully recorded in fascinating displays at the Eden Killer Whale Museum. The skeleton of Old Tom, last of the herding killer whales of Eden, is an impressive exhibit.

Visit Davidson Whaling Station the longest-operating shore-based whaling station in Australia at Kiah Inlet, Boyds Tower and Boydtown to absorb the colourful history of Eden.

If a whale is spotted in the bay the museum will sound a siren to alert the whole town!  And it has to be said that the siren gets a lot of work between September and November.

A history steeped in the traditions of the sea. With endless fishing opportunities and fascinating dive wrecks is Eden. See the trawlers at Snug Cove unloading their catch of the day. You can sample their catch at one of many cafes or restaurants at the Wharf.

Green Cape Lightstation

Green Cape lighthouse in the south, Ben Boyd National Park is set amongst  rugged coastlines, vivid rock formations, pristine beaches, extensive areas of coastal heath and intriguing history.

South of Eden, it marks the entrance to disaster bay and the Nadgee Wilderness area Nearby, Davidson Whaling Station Historic site stands as a reminder of the early whaling days when a pod of Killer Whales led by ‘Old Tom’ assisted the whalers in the hunt for baleen whales.

Green Cape Lightstation is connected to Boyds Tower by the spectacular 30km Light to Light Walking Track which ends at the lighthouse

Striking coastal scenery, remnants of early European settlement and opportunities to watch whales in spring are a feature of the surrounding area. Whether bushwalking, kayaking or boating, the park’s landscape is unique.

Part of the: Coastal Discovery Drive route

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What Locals Love About Eden

I’m linked to one of the old fishing families here and my brother and cousin are 5th generation fishermen still fishing out the port. I’ve travelled all round the world and I still think Eden is the most magical place. There are so may hidden gems here to explore and that’s what I love about Eden.

Clair Mudaliar

I’ve been here for 30 years and love the environment and also the resilience of the place and people here. There are beautiful walks and beaches all around town and see wildlife in the bay such as seals, whales and dolphins.

Bob Sykes