Bairnsdale is the civic hub of East Gippsland, and gateway town to shimmering lakes, untouched coastline or mountain adventure. The leafy banks flanking the tranquil Mitchell River set the laid-back tone for the town.


A creative community thrives in the area, and the East Gippsland Art Gallery celebrates that artistic spirit as a centre for visual arts. Krowathunkoolong Keeping Place, a museum displaying the heritage of the Gunaikurnai people, has hunting and fighting weapons, baskets, canoes and contemporary art on display. Join a guided tour to learn about the area’s Aboriginal history. Just across the river is the scenic and shady Howitt Park, a site of deep Indigenous significance.


Bairnsdale boasts a strong tradition of excellent cafes and restaurants from wine bars to classic pubs and cosy brunch spots. You can set out on the East Gippsland Drink Trail to visit a number of cool maritime wineries and breweries.


Bairnsdale is the gateway to the remarkable Gippsland Lakes – Australia’s largest inland waterway – peppered with waterfront villages, flush with seafood dining and show-stopping sunsets. It’s just a short drive from where the Gippsland Lakes meet with the stunning expanse of Ninety Mile Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful untouched beaches.

Set out on a cycling adventure along the mammoth 96km East Gippsland Rail Trail, passing through whispering forests and frolicking hills. Tackle all or part of the ride with Snowy River Cycling, offering fully guided tours, bike hire or transport options.

Use Bairnsdale as a base to explore Mitchell River National Park, laced with lush rainforests and dramatic river gorges. Picnic at the Den of Nargun, a place of great significance for the Aboriginal people.

Part of the: Coastal Discovery Drive route

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What Locals Love About Bairnsdale

Joe Rettino

I’ve lived and worked in Bairnsdale for many years and worked away in Melbourne too, I’ve always been drawn back to my home town of Bairnsdale. It is the commercial hub of East Gippsland and it perfect to bring up a family and support any recreational pursuit your heart may desire.

Joe Rettino

I love the rolling hills around here and wild rang of lifestyle from just one location. Nothing is too far away, from pristine beaches to show capped mountains, everything is within 2 hours drive.

Chris Seymour