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Melbourne, Victoria Australia

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Walhalla, Victoria Australia

Visit Melbourne - Historic Walhalla

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Muckleford, Victoria Australia

Victorian Goldfields and Historic Railways, Victoria Australia

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Regularly voted the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne offers visitors an enchanting range of experiences, cultures and activities.

Melbourne is a lot of things. And that’s the secret.

You never venture to Melbourne for just one thing. That’s because what Melbourne really is is a secretly vibrant city, quite different to Sydney, creating unique and enriching experiences for all individuals who visit.

Venture beyond Greater Melbourne and Victoria continues to provide a host of touristic and welcoming opportunities – from sandy beaches in summer to snow-capped mountains in winter. Zoos and aquariums, historic sites, bars and cafes, food providores, white-water rafting, spas, wildlife and wineries. Or simply drives along Victoria’s breathtaking coastline.

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