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Being a Sydney Melbourne Touring Partner


Being a partner with Sydney Melbourne Touring gets your organisation exposure to audiences Australia-wide as well as internationally.

Through our digital channels we reach out to hundreds of thousands of people annually and audiences are extremely broad. We manage to engage with age groups from early twenties through to retirees and "grey nomads".

You would be surprised at the diverse interests and activities our audience enages in.

We've discovered many senior people are looking for active bushwalking, cycling and adventure type activies. This group is not averse to hiring a motorhome and venturing alogn the coast or inland. People in their thirties and forties are generally family motivated and looking for family friendly accommodation and camping experiences. Many people in their twenties and thirties are looking for new and regional food and wine oriented activities.

We continue to explore avenues of engagement and connection to entice, entertain and educate travellers to Australia and the regions between Melbourne and Sydney. Most importantly we aim to draw travellers to tourism operators to provide outstanding accommodation and adventure experiences.

Several times a year, we have a dedicated team that travels to Singapore, China, the United States of America, Germany and the United Kingdom to engage with industry events and agents to expose the Sydney Melbourne travel opportunites to the international market. We also have a strong presence at the Annual Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE).

Whatever your travel and tourism related service, Sydney-Melbourne Touring would love to engage with you and see how we might work together.

Some statistics

Annually we engage with around:

  • 600,000* people through this website;
  • 160,000* people through our three Facebook streams - Sydney Melbourne Travel Guru, Sydney Melbourne Coastal Drive and Sydney Melbourne Heritage Drive;
  • 35,000* people through our Instagram stream - Sydney Melbourne Touring;
  • 5,000 industry people through famils and tourism events;

* Figures include followers, likes and actions and are an average over a 12 month period.


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