Australia is vast! The region between Sydney and Melbourne displays some of the most diverse landscapes whilst also being a vast and varied food production area.

The Sydney Melbourne Coastal Discovery Drive takes you along Highway 1. The Sydney Melbourne Inland Discovery Takes takes you via scenic inland highways.
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About the Coastal Discovery Drive

A captivating drive along Highway 1 (Princes Highway), traversing the coastal expanse between Sydney and Melbourne or its reciprocal route. This scenic journey will have you amidst coastal towns, pristine beaches and a bounty of produce, ranging from farmgates offerings to vibrant local markets showcasing artisanal produce. Be enchanted by the natural beauty of the national parks and reserves along the way.

About the Inland Discovery Drive

Get a glimpse of the bush heartland of Australia with the Inland Drive, a drive steeped in history and cultural heritage. Amidst this historical backdrop, indulge in the culinary delights and oenological treasures offered by the region, complemented by a diverse array of museums, galleries, and cultural institutions that showcase the multifaceted identity of the inland regions.

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