Valuable inspiration about the region of Sapphire Coast for the road trip traveller driving between Melbourne and Sydney.

20 Fascinating Facts About the Sapphire Coast Region

  1. Pristine Beaches: The Sapphire Coast boasts some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in Australia, including Pambula Beach, Tathra Beach, and Aslings Beach in Eden.

  2. Whale Watching: Eden is one of the best places in Australia for whale watching, particularly during the annual migration season from May to November.

  3. Ben Boyd National Park: This coastal park is known for its dramatic red cliffs, historic sites like Boyd’s Tower, and excellent hiking trails.

  4. Mimosa Rocks National Park: Named after the ship Mimosa, which was wrecked there in 1863, this park offers stunning coastal scenery, secluded beaches, and diverse wildlife.

  5. Bermagui Blue Pool: A natural ocean pool carved into the rock at Bermagui, perfect for a unique and scenic swim.

  6. Bega Cheese Heritage Centre: Located in Bega, this centre offers tastings of the famous Bega cheese, a museum on the history of dairy farming, and a cafe.

  7. Pambula: This charming village is known for its historic buildings, local markets, and the nearby Pambula River and Beach.

  8. Merimbula: A popular holiday destination known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and activities such as fishing, boating, and snorkeling.

  9. Merimbula Aquarium: Offering a close-up view of local marine life, including sharks, rays, and tropical fish, with a cafe overlooking the ocean.

  10. Killer Whale Museum: Located in Eden, this museum tells the story of the region’s whaling history and features a full skeleton of “Old Tom,” a famous orca.

  11. Snorkelling and Diving: The Sapphire Coast has excellent spots for snorkeling and diving, including the wreck of the SS Iron Knight near Bermagui.

  12. Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre: In Eden, this center provides interactive exhibits and information about the local marine environment and conservation efforts.

  13. Tathra Wharf: A heritage-listed wharf that dates back to the 1800s, now a popular spot for fishing and scuba diving.

  14. Nethercote Falls: A hidden gem near Pambula, these picturesque waterfalls are a great spot for a swim and a picnic.

  15. Mimosa Rocks Winery: Produces award-winning wines and offers tastings in a beautiful rural setting.

  16. Coastal Walks: The region features numerous scenic walking trails, including the Light to Light Walk in Ben Boyd National Park, which offers stunning coastal views.

  17. Kiah Wilderness Tours: Provides guided kayaking tours along the serene Towamba River, offering a chance to see local wildlife and beautiful scenery.

  18. Tilba Tilba: A historic village known for its well-preserved heritage buildings, artisan shops, and the nearby Tilba Valley Winery and Alehouse.

  19. Sapphire Coast Orchid Club: Hosts annual shows displaying a stunning variety of orchids, reflecting the region’s rich biodiversity.

  20. Local Cuisine: The Sapphire Coast is renowned for its fresh seafood, particularly oysters from Pambula Lake and Merimbula Lake, as well as local produce and gourmet food experiences.

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