The Most Scenic Route from Melbourne to Sydney

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Taking the scenic coastal route from Melbourne to Sydney, with a detour via Phillip Island and Canberra, offers an unforgettable journey through some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes.

List of Towns on the Scenic Route between Melbourne and Sydney

Melbourne to Sydney Scenic Drive

Travelling the coastal route from Melbourne to Sydney via Phillip Island and Canberra offers a diverse journey through some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes.

Starting in Melbourne, the adventure begins with a side trip to Phillip Island, renowned for its penguin parade, breathtaking ocean views and the famous Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Driving eastward you arrive at the southern tip of mainland Australia – Wilsons Promontory – where you can explore beaches, pockets of rainforest and an abundance of wildlife like wombats, emus and kangaroos.

The drive through Gippsland showcases towns like Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance, celebrated for its waterways and scenic beach views. Mallacoota, not too far along, is right on the Victoria-New South Wales border and boasts a quaint seaside village and stunning beaches.

Continuing on your journey, the Sapphire Coast entices with its beaches, quaint coastal communities and fantastic opportunities for whale watching in places like Eden. This historic whaling town is home to the Eden Killer Whale Museum that sheds light on the areas history.

Venture inland to Canberra from Batemans Bay and enjoy Australia’s capital city. Visit attractions including the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia and the lush surroundings of the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Canberra’s ever-evolving and vibrant cultural scene makes it a wonderful stop. Its major architectural landmarks and orderly layout make it a true modern city.

Returning to the coastline via Huskisson, the drive takes you through Jervis Bay, renowned for its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect for snorkeling and dolphin watching.

Continuing along the coast, you pass through Wollongong, offering more whale watching opportunities and stunning coastal views.

As you approach Sydney, make sure to visit the Royal National Park, with its rugged cliffs, serene beaches and extensive walking trails. The Grand Pacific Drive delivers breathtaking coastal views and it features the iconic and world famous Sea Cliff Bridge.

You journey culminates in the bustling metropolis of Sydney, where the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House await.

23 Scenic Route Highlights from Melbourne to Sydney

  1. Phillip Island – Known for its penguin parade and scenic coastal views.
  2. Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit – Motorsport circuit hosting various events.
  3. Wilsons Promontory – Pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife.
  4. Lakes Entrance – Gateway to the Gippsland Lakes with stunning waterways.
  5. Gippsland Lakes – Network of lakes offering boating and wildlife watching.
  6. Mallacoota – Coastal town known for its natural beauty and wildlife.
  7. Sapphire Coast – Scenic region with pristine beaches and national parks.
  8. Eden – Historic whaling town with the Eden Killer Whale Museum.
  9. Whale Watching in Eden – Excellent opportunities during migration season.
  10. Ben Boyd National Park – Rugged coastal park with historic sites and wildlife.
  11. Mimosa Rocks National Park – Coastal park with rock formations and beaches.
  12. Merimbula – Coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and seafood.
  13. Narooma – Scenic town with beaches and Montague Island tours.
  14. Canberra – Australian capital with cultural attractions like the National Gallery.
  15. Australian War Memorial – National memorial to Australians who served in wars.
  16. Australian National Botanic Gardens – Extensive gardens showcasing native flora.
  17. Goulburn – Historic town known for landmarks like the Big Merino.
  18. Bowral – Known for its beautiful gardens and vibrant arts scene.
  19. Huskisson – Coastal town in Jervis Bay known for dolphin watching.
  20. Jervis Bay – Known for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.
  21. Whale Watching in Wollongong – Prime location during migration season.
  22. Royal National Park – Australia’s oldest national park with diverse landscapes.
  23. Grand Pacific Drive – Scenic coastal drive featuring the Sea Cliff Bridge.

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