Melbourne to Sydney Distance

Driving Distances Between Melbourne and Sydney

RouteDistance (Approx.)Major Stops
Hume Freeway (M31)878 kmAlbury-Wodonga, Goulburn
Coastal Road1,050 kmLakes Entrance, Eden, Batemans Bay
Inland via Bendigo1,030 kmBendigo, Echuca-Moama, Canberra

Scenic Routes from Melbourne to Sydney: Coastal and Inland Drives

If you’re planning a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, you might think the Hume Freeway is the best choice. It’s the shortest route, covering about 878 kilometers. However, for road trip enthusiasts looking to enjoy the journey, the coastal road or the inland route via Bendigo offer more scenic and enriching experiences.

Coastal Drive from Melbourne to Sydney

The coastal drive from Melbourne to Sydney spans approximately 1,050 kilometers. This route is perfect for those who love breathtaking ocean views, sandy beaches, and charming coastal towns. Starting from Melbourne, the journey takes you east to Lakes Entrance. This town is famous for its beautiful lakes and waterways, making it a great first stop.

As you continue north along the coast, you’ll reach Eden. Eden has a rich history related to whaling and is an excellent spot for whale watching during migration seasons. Further up the coast, Batemans Bay awaits with its stunning beaches and laid-back atmosphere. The coastal drive offers not only scenic beauty but also a variety of activities. You can enjoy surfing, fishing, and bushwalking in numerous national parks along the way. This route is ideal for travelers who want to experience the natural beauty and coastal lifestyle of Victoria and New South Wales.

Inland Route via Bendigo

The inland route from Melbourne to Sydney, which is about 1,030 kilometers, takes you through some of the most historic and culturally rich regions of Victoria and New South Wales. From Melbourne, head to Bendigo. Bendigo is known for its gold rush history and heritage architecture. Here, you can visit the Central Deborah Gold Mine and the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Next, the journey leads you to Echuca-Moama, located on the Murray River. This area is famous for its paddle steamers and historic port. It’s a perfect place for a river cruise. Moving north, you’ll reach Albury-Wodonga, a vibrant twin city with a thriving arts scene and beautiful parks.

Before arriving in Sydney, a must-see stop is Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Canberra offers a wealth of attractions, including the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, and Lake Burley Griffin. The inland route is rich with historical sites, cultural landmarks, and natural beauty. It’s perfect for travelers who enjoy exploring diverse and interesting regions.

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